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our story

Lustre Pearl didn’t like getting too comfortable in one place, never had. Austin stole a good bit of her heart, and not only because Clive lived there. They’d made a good run of things in Austin, though. Lustre stopped singing in nightclubs a while back, but she still loved being out on the town. Especially when she could go shake her ass to some local music in a dark bar. Austin isn’t lacking in charm or nightlife.

She’d gotten run off from her first place in Austin, but took the house with her to the east side and built a whole new home there. “Place has good bones, you can’t find places like that anymore,” she’d tell anyone who asked her why. And then she rebuilt in the same neighborhood, because she can’t stand anyone telling her no.

Yet, she heard that siren song of the open road, loud and frequent, reminding her she’d always had those itchy feet that had to keep moving. Oh, she and Clive traveled, only not in his banged up pickup truck any more. They’d hit a run of good luck in Austin. The town seemed to pay off for those with resourcefulness and vision, especially if they were willing to put in the work. It hadn’t come easy. Like staying in one place, their new, more luxurious lifestyle left her nostalgic. Not that she ever wanted to go back to singing for her supper, especially for chump change and usually for creepy dudes who felt life owed them something.

She’d always liked the mountains. Something about that fresh air and those stunning panoramas made her feel small inside, in a good way. Colorado started looking more and more appealing to her after a few cross country trips with Clive. She wasn’t trying to leave Austin, but she wanted more options, more space to roam. She found Denver laid back yet sophisticated enough to meet her newly acquired higher standards. She liked being able to buy a $1200 pair of hand-tooled cowboy boots or a mind-blowing sushi dinner when she was in the mood, and cities were good for those kinds of things.

She and Clive hit the town in Denver a number of times before pulling the trigger. When they saw the murals and colorful streets of RiNo Arts District, Lustre knew she’d found her new home. Austin would always be in her life; it gets in one’s blood. And Clive was welcome to visit any time he liked. But sometimes a woman like Lustre needs a new challenge, a town where hardly anyone knows her face. Anonymity wouldn’t last long; women like her always attracted attention. Still, the new digs and her new favorite place would scratch that itch for the time being.